Wednesday, February 18, 2009

plans for the shitbox

super super slow at my 2nd job tonight. so i was thinking about whats next for my car. well i usually only think about my car anyway but maybe more so tonight since i got paid to do nothing. anyways. i'm like 80% done with my current batch of upgrades. as previously posted, i'm in the process of going from a stock t25 up to a gt2871r. most of the parts have been bought new. i'm just really anal like that. people beat on these cars. end of story. i dont want some guys hadn me down beat ass parts. so anyways my front pads are getting kind of low. i odnt drive the car alot so it hasnt eben an issue, but since it hasnt seen teh light of day since october, i really want to drive it once its rolling again. so i'll need to do my brakes. i have a full 300zx brake conversion, but i would really like to step it up to a sti brembo setup. bling factor being the main reason i guess you could say. 300zx is practically perfect. but, with all this extra power im adding, which i am not use to, i feel that stronger brakes will give me some more confidence. so that is msot likely next in the lineup. after that, the next major project is the exterior. the areo i have now is in dire need of replacement. its beat to hell and it shows. the paint on my car has seen better days, and the rear hatch has some rust spots from the removal of the stock wing. so im going to replace the hatch, although i dread it since that shit is HEAVY. i'm really leaning toward the origin stream kit, but i saw a really clean kouki in drift tengoku with a gp sports kit, so its really kind of up in the air. kouki wing is a MUST. a 326 power wing would be nice, but hard to source out. i'm sure i can find one tho. my front AND rear fenders are fucked up. so im gonna chop out the rears and put on some chargespeed 30mm. fronts will get origins most likely. since i dont think chargespeed makes single vent fronts... origin roof spoiler is a must as well! or i am kind of feeling the d-max one, its got like, points? on each end, kind of neat! oem rain visors too becuase i am a windows open kind of guy. i'm still thinking on getting a vented hood, part of me is like hella yeah, another part is what about rain? or the police? i'm most likely gonna keep the stock hood. which is fine. street style 180sx is what im going for anyway. i've got full interior, which is NICE. previous owner seems to have had a nice sound system in the car, since there is dynomat on alot of it. at first the added weight mad eme feel kind of ehhh, but dynomat isnt all that heavy, and sicne i have more power, and more brake, a little more weight really isnt going to concern me. who am i? rhys millen? please. i dont really like the idea of getting a roll cage. i'm no where near good enough at drifting to where i would feel comfortable in a tandem. but at the same time i really love drifting, no matter how much i suck at it. and really the only way i'll get better is by going out and doing it. so we'll see, i may buy another car to use as a track beater kind of thing. i kind of want an r32 so myabe i can get one of those for a track car. anywyas once i ge tthe areo parts figure out, paint is obviously next. i've always wanted a blue car, but seeing as how jacks car is blue, and IMHO, is the only good looking blue 240 stateside, i dont think i want to go that route. i thought about staying OEM gunmetal, but its just boring. i have some things in mind, but i want to keep them kind of hush. well at this point im just kind of rambling so im gonna cut out! later