Wednesday, March 31, 2010


so its been a while since my last update. but honestly not much has happened. works still slow, so i havent been buying parts. thats basically it.

however i have gotten some work done.

dropped the subframe and removed the bushings. painted it gloss black. ready to drop in the PBM subframe risers.

got PBM coilovers in 8/6 spring rates.
got full rear PBM multi-link
got a rp sport subframe braces
got a gt spec rear lower subframe brace

only problem is, the subframe risers are delayed untill april 21st. so my car is lame.

i still need tires, and clutch parts.

paying the IRS today. plus rent and shit, so its not too big a deal i ahve to wait longer, since i prolly wouldnt be fnished till end of april anyway, it just sucks i cant put the subframe back together and reinstall it all.