Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

2010 my year maybe? possibly?

well lets see were 23 days into the new year and i already have a set of my "dream" wheels. still need to fix my POS tranny/clutch/tob issue.

need new areo.
need new suspension (well not really, but i want new shit)
PAINT PAINT PAINT PAINT PAINT thats the main goal for 2010. i swear to god i will sell this shitty ass 21 year old car if i dont paint it this year. i can't stand driving an ugly broken piece of shit car.

im bout to come up on 850 bucks tomorrow once i return the bag of infinite sorrows. that chapter of my life is now over and im fucking glad because that whole relationship was one sided and i tried so fucking hard to make it work but i just didn't get it back from her and i realize that she never really cared for me the way i did for her but anyways we had a quick final talk and now i have closure and i can man up and move the fuck on.

yep yep!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

dreams do come true!

hahahah lame ass title, but i just got home from a long ass 1 day trip to LA to pick up my new wheels. :) hung out with jtp and his buddy jacob. super super cool guys, really chill. hopefully he gets his sponsorship issue figured out for 2010! anyways i'd write more but im tired as well, im just excited about my new wheels, i cant even rememebr how many years i've wanted these damn things and now i've got them. they may be over hyped and over priced but godamnit they just look soooo fucking good on s13 hatches. i'll post pics one day, maybe ;) goodnight!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

good news, and bad news, and more good news, kind of

good news is im picking up a new set of wheels.

which is funny, becuase a year ago i was deadset on some bronze xd9s

but i ended up with rpf1s in sbc becuase they had better sizes

but those got boring really quick so now im trading them for something WAY more cool. pics to come when the deals finalized.

bad news is top secret so i dont want to talk about it

good news is that becuase of the bad news, i will hopefully have about 850 bucks to spend that i didnt have before.

spare drift wheels? or the pricey areo i've been eyeballing? its a tough decision!!

plus tax return money soon hopefully i think? i hope?

cars are annoying!

plans for twenty ten are:
buy a truck
buy a trailer

use truck to pull the trailer which will have my car on it.
and maybe, finally, go to the track?
its a possibility! maybe.

given my history of never having my car in a good enough condition to pass tech and be reliable, chances are i wont make it to the track at all, ever, in my life. never going to happen.

its a labor of love.
and lots of wasted money.

sometimes i think is it worth all the heartache and headache and empty wallet and stress. i dont know. i really my car. i really love driving my car. i honestly can't picture myself not owning a 240sx. i love it. i really do. i've spent so much time energy and money on this hobby and i don't regret it at all. some people don't get it, but that doesnt matter. it makes me happy and it makes me smile and i feel proud and accomplished of what i've done with it.

alright i lost my train of though, end emo ranting. hahahhahahahahhahahaa fuck my life.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

it's been almost a year.




i got the car running around april and it ran great.

and than i blew the motor because i'm an idiot and didn't get it tuned.

so i parted it out and used the money to buy a good running sr. live and learn i guess. anyways, i've been saving up for new wheels and areo and paint. once my car looks nice, maybe i'll play with the turbo upgrades again. oh yeah i'll be replacing all the suspension on the car as well, everything is about 3+ years old and its time i get with the program and get some newer, nicer parts. ummmm thats it.
expect more updates this time around, promise :)