Saturday, December 20, 2008

fuckinggggggggg flakes

been selling HELLA old parts to get some scrilla for my car, working my 2 jobs, yada yada. tryin to come up with cash on the qiuckness you know? but people keep flakin on shit "oh yeah can you hold that for like a day for me" and then they dont fuckin buy it. god fucking damnit i have car parts and work xd9s to buy and shit. FUCK.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


work emotions xd9

hahhaha OMG i want those sooo bad, in bronze. shits hot fire. i should be buying other stuff for my car but i HAVE to get rid of the whack ass shoes my car has now. i gotta do it up bigger and better in 09 cause 08's been nothin but heartache tryin to get my car 100% reliable for the street and the track. but godamn i need new tires ANYWAY so i might as well put em on some fresh feet.

Monday, December 15, 2008

started my 2nd job today

things have been slow at my "9-5er" so i picked up a 2nd job to kind of make some extra cash to get some bills out of the way, my car fixed sooner, and maybe save up some money for a trip.

so anywyas back in the day i used to work at crate&barrel. made a lot of good friends ther eso i figured it would be easy to get a job there. and it was. i started tonight and i've already got a shit ton of hours lined up, so im super stoked on it. the more moeny the better i always say, i've got expensive taste in car parts and need every dime i can get!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

a new era of awesome.

i got sick of all the emo shit on livejournal.
xanga seemed to be for weird anime fanatics. ugh.
and myspace is just so, fake.
i love cars.
mostly japanese sports cars.
mostly nissans.
mostly nissan s chassis.
this thread will mainly be about cars.
mainly my s chassis. i like to think that it is pretty badass.
i will put whatver i like on here.
i will talk alot of shit.
i will speak my mind about shit.
i may even take a shit, while writing about shit.
if i feel like posting up other shit, i will do so.
alot of people post alot of pictures.
i may do that sometimes.
i do have a pretty sweet nikon coolpix L11.
8.1mp of fury. respect.
it takes very shitty pictures. HELLA shitty. for you norcal heads.
anyways, i figure i should start with pictures of my car, taken with my craptastic camera.

i know this is like, the WORST action shot ever so, i apologize for the ugly.

my s chassis is daily driven when it runs.
...which isn't too often.

i'm a firm believer in if anything is worth doing its worth doing right. i don't half ass anything on my car. i take my time and do it right. i don't support knock-off companies or brands. yes i have a couple knock-off parts on my car. no i did not buy them. yes i will replace them when other major items on my list are finished. as of today i am in the middle of a turbo system upgrade. with that being said, this is what i am upgrading to:
garret gt2871r .64
tomei expreme manifold and elbow
hks downpipe
taka oil and water lines
hks adjustable wastegate
DW 740cc injectors
nismo fuel pressure regulator
apexi power fc w/ commander
apexi power fc boost controller add on
z32 maf
greddy intake system for t28 style turbo and z32 maf

i've already purchased about half of that stuff. there are various other bits and peices not lsited, but you get the gist of everything. name brand tried and true products, no expense spared. can i afford this shit? barely. but just beucase i'm poor as hell doesn't mean im going to cheap out on a high quality product. fuck knock-offs. fuck fakes.

besides working on my car. i love to drive my car. anywhere anytime. weither im just going for a cruise around town or i'm going to a track event or whatever, i love driving.
i love driving in the hills and canyons. i love the beautiful enviroment it's in. i love the ever changing dips and dives and rolls and elavation changes. there is somethign about driving in the mountains that you can't experience anywhere else. and since i live in the san francisco bay area, i have literally hundreds of miles of roads at my disposal. i love drifting. and although i havent been able to go to many drift days, due to either lack of funs, or lack of a running reliable car, i try my best to get out there and let my ass loose. i completely suck at it and have no intentions to ever do anything with drifting than to just have fun. i love going balls out and just hucking the car around like a 12 year old in the back of an unmarked van. i hate corporate anything and i hate sell outs and fakes and people who just do shit for money. i autox alot. not really a favorite thing of mine. but there is a semi-local autox group based otu of monterey that has events every month, so usually its easier to get there and do that. anyways i dont really know what else to say at the moment. i love driving. love love love it. drift autox mountains road racing whatever. i just love being behind the wheel. don't really like drag racing though. it's too much of an ego sport. it just boils down to who has more money. plain and simple. so no thanks to that. anyways thats all for now, i'll write more when i have something to share. seeya!