Wednesday, February 18, 2009

got a surprise in the mail today...

soooo today i got my trust/greddy intake system
s15 oil return
nismo fpr
and some other small tidbits.

included in the pictures is my gt2871r!

also i finally got my long sought after nardi wheel.
i had this same wheel years ago in my old car. it was a gift from my girlfriend.
well that car was stolen 2 years ago and along with it, my prized nardi.
after lots of searching and headaches and shit. since no one in the US carries this model nardi. (or just didnt want to bother with the effort of getting it) anyways long story short i had a buddy of mine source one out for me, and also get me a set of 4.3 gears. so here is a pic of the nardi. no shot of the gears, they're in the garage. and im lazy.

model is a gara 3 type 0. i've got it already attached to my FET quick release and ready to jump into the car as soon as its running! yay!